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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Route 40 Diner

I was driving back to Pittsburgh from Virginia on Saturday, and came across the Route 40 Classic Diner in Brownsville Pa.  The place is classic stainless steel with old style booths and a counter with swivel stools.  50's music completes the classic feeling.  The menu is typical diner fare, but I didn't look long.  As soon as I saw the burgers, I knew what I was eating.  The Fat Burger, is aptly named.  Check this out...1/2 pound of beef, topped with an egg, then hash browns and on top of that, bacon.

Tasty!  This diner would make a nice afternoon day trip from the city. 

The Route 40 Classic Diner is located right on 40, in Brownsville Pa.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Delallo Italian Marketplace


In the past month I've had reason to spend a few days in Jeanette Pa.  I know this area is a little difficult when it comes to finding restaurants, but Jeanette does have one of my favorite foodie stores. 

Delallo Italian Marketplace, or just Delallo's as the locals call it, is a tremendous local market with freshly baked bread, meals and sandwiches to go, a full olive bar and a nice market with a new produce section displaying some beautiful fruit and vegetables.

Fresh bread and olives!

As I was busy, all that was needed was a quick sandwich.  I went for one with mortadella, salami, and prosciutto layered about 2 inches thick on great fresh bread.

This sandwich is really top notch.  If you don't care for the salami type meats, they have a nice variety of other choices.

Delallo's is located 6390, Route 30 in Jeanette Pa.  Here is their web site: