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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

When I was much younger, there were a number of White Castle restaurants in and around our city.  They are all gone now, but as I travel across Indiana I passed a number of them.  After my GPS failed to locate me a restaurant (that was still open), I gave up and decided to stop at White Castle.

As I waited in line, the woman in front of me ordered 30 burgers!  The famous sliders are as remembered...About an 1/8 inch of beef (maybe 3/16" but that's generous), onions, and pickle slice on a soft bun.  Great? not even close, but I'm still glad I stopped.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

I was travelling through Northern Pennsylvania this week and stopped for lunch in Bradford.  While the town doesn't have a lot of choices, Kelly's stood out on the main street.  It was a bit of a treat because I noticed immediately that they served one of my favorite sandwiches that we can't get around Pittsburgh, Beef on Weck.  This is served all over Buffalo, and is usually sliced beef on a weck bun which is a soft bun with kosher salt and caraway seed on top.  While the beef at Kelly's was chopped, not sliced, it was still very good.  Usually these are served with au jus and horseradish.  Excellent!