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Monday, November 7, 2011

Grandview Bakery

Bakery's aren't really something that I give much thought to. I'm just not a huge fan of desserts, doughnuts or other sweets, mainly because they are usually too sweet for my taste. That doesn't mean that I won't stuff a couple of doughnuts in my face on occasion.

The residents of Mount Washington have been quite vocal about the need for more local business ventures over the past couple of years and the idea of a bakery seemed to lead the pack on the wish list of the locals. The Grandview Bakery just opened a couple of weeks ago, and although it wasn't on my list of "must try" places, I kept hearing and reading such great things about this place, that I had to try it.

We stopped in Sunday morning around 10am, to find the cases about half full of a variety of baked goods. In addition they bake beautiful bread and have a large selection of cake and candy decorating supplies. I ordered a small nut roll and a coconut eclair and Stacy went for a cream filled donut. We decided to sit a one of the two small tables in front of the window to enjoy our treats. As we sat down, one of the nice women working there wondered out loud whether or not she should put the outdoor furniture on the sidewalk. Her dilemma, she explained, was that while they had just opened about an hour ago, she thought they might be totally out of product in another hour or so! That explains the half empty cases. That's also a pretty good sign.

All three of our selections were excellent. My nut roll was probably the best I've ever had. Aside from being top quality, the real reason that I love this place is that none of our choices were overly sweet. I could really start to enjoy baked sweets if they are made like this!

The Grandview Bakery is on Shiloh Street on Mt. Washington. If you go, make sure to get there early!

Click on the title above to see their website.

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