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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Pittsburgh Fish!

In my quest for the best fish sandwich in Pittsburgh, I stopped in the Carson City Saloon on the South Side the other day. I know I've ordered fish there before, but I just forgot how good it really is! The things a monster too. Since its fish fry season, I thought I'd post this for those of you that might be looking for an alternative to you local church or fire hall.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Pittsburgh Fish Sandwich, this city has a history of serving up monstrous filet's, almost always fried, and usually cod. It's common to get a fillet a foot long served on a standard hamburger bun. Some places offer an additional bun for a little more cash. Because of the large Catholic population in the area, hundreds of local church's hold fish-frys during Lent. Volunteers will prepare, cook and serve hundreds of dinners and sandwiches each night to lines of people at these churches.

To get an idea of whats available, or to locate a fish-fry near you, click on the title "Pittsburgh Fish" above.

And yes, that is broccoli....I eat healthy!

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CookingScraps said...

Fish Fries in Pittsburgh are my favorite, I like the one in Bloomfield. It's always a sign that spring is right around the corner, too!