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Tuesday, July 3, 2012


I'm always on a quest for great pizza, and one that I've always is the Chicago style at Domenico's in Cranberry.  I usually can't stand Chicago style because I find that it's usually way too "doughy" for my tastes.  The pie at Domenico's isn't so typical.  The crust, while thick, is still crispy.  They use a sauce made with great tasting chunky tomato's and the cheese, while generous doesn't overwhelm the pie.  In my experience this pie takes a little longer than their standard pizzas, but it's worth the wait!

In addition to pizza, they offer a full menu with everything from salads to chicken, veal and seafood.  While the interior is a little dated, the place is comfortable and if you are interested they have a nice bar, with a few booths and tables.  Domenico's is on Route 19 in Cranberry, (just North of Walmart).

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