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Friday, August 17, 2012

Franklin Inn

I stopped at the Franklin Inn today for lunch, and it hit me that while I've been there many, many times, I've never written about it.  For several years I actually lived in the neighborhood and it became a regular stop.  Since then, I've still managed to stop in fairly frequently.  I vividly recall my first visit which happened to be the only time I've been there and was disappointed...Not because of poor service or food, but because of my own perceptions.  It was probably 20 years ago...I was in the mood to try a new restaurant and I wanted a steak!  I recalled driving by and seeing the sign with a picture of Ben Franklin.  Any place named "The Franklin Inn" with a picture of Ben on their sign must have a great steak...Wrong!!!

The Franklin Inn is a Mexican restaurant, and no, I don't know the relationship between the name and the menu.  A funny note, a friend of mine who can't seem to remember the name started referring to it as Mexican Fiesta, and at least with us, that name has stuck over the years.  This has been a favorite stop for lunch over the years, but the bar, while small, is fun and the locals are always eager to talk to you. 

The menu contains everything from soup (the black bean is tremendous!), to sandwiches, to several house specialities, such as a chorizo burrito which is described as: A large soft flour tortilla filled with chorizo, cheese, tomatoes, and onions. 
Chips and salsa are brought to your table.  The fresh salsa is very tasty, but if you ask, they will give you a hot version that's really tasty.

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The Franklin Inn is on Rochester road in Franklin Park, just North of Pittsburgh.

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Franklin Inn Mexican Retaurant said...

Just came across your write up. Thank you for the nice review and for being one of our patrons. We appreciate it.