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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Ridgeview BBQ, Bristol TN

I don't usually write about restaurants that are very far outside of the Pittsburgh area, but every once in a while I stumble upon a place that happens to be unique enough that others just might find it interesting too.  I've been to Bristol Tennessee several times over the years, and recently found myself there for a brief business trip.  Usually when I'm in the South, I like to hunt out local BBQ joints, not only because they're always good, but they make their BBQ with a unique sauce that I've always liked.  Whether it's the vinegar based sauce prevalent in the Carolina's or some mixture of sweet tomato, vinegar and mustard that seems to blanket the south-east US, I usually like all of them.
I've been told about Ridgewood BBQ, (in Bluff City) several times on my previous trips, but never had the time to go there.  This time I made it a point, and I'm glad that I did!  They offer both pork and beef and I decided to go with the BBQ pork sandwich.  The pork is sliced and heated on a flat-top, then mixed with their great sauce and topped with slaw to make a huge sandwich. 
I also got an order of their BBQ beans which were also really good.  The super friendly server sucked me into a southern sweet tea with her southern hospitality...I hate sweet tea, but I forgive her for that!
As is with most BBQ places in the South, Ridgewood doesn't have bar service and is kind of diner like, but that's OK.  Is Ridgewood the best BBQ I've ever had?  Naw, but that's only because I love several styles, including Texas style beef and the sweet Memphis we have out West.  I do think it may be the best Southern style that I've tried...But I do intend to keep on trying!
Ridgewood BBQ is located at 900 Elizabethton Hwy in Bluff City,TN

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