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Saturday, December 7, 2013

New Christmas Toys!

 The All Clad Factory sale is currently going on at the Washington County Fairgrounds, just South of Pittsburgh.  I usually go every year and search for values.  The problem with cookware that lasts forever, is that pretty soon you run out of things you need.  Then you start to buy stuff like a roasting pan with a 3 tier rack.

You could say that when you buy a roasting pan with a 3 tier rack, you already have too much All Clad.  I choose to not think so.

I have had some people ask me if the sale is worthwhile.  First off, you will have to wait in line, but if you go at the right time the wait will be minimal.  People tend to get there in the morning thinking the selection will be better, but I've found that going at 2 or 3 in the afternoon works best.  As far as selection, the nice folks at the sale restock the sales room continually throughout the day, so selection is pretty much the same.  

This is an example of one of my purchases this year.  It is an 8 quart, stainless stock pot.  The list price for this is $380.00 while the sale price was $89.99.

Realistically, I don't think many of these are sold for $380, but I did see this one in Macys for $259.99.

You may think that even with a serious discount, spending almost a hundred dollars for a stock pot is crazy, and you may be right, but these are really great kitchen utensils that provide great performance and will last a lifetime.

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