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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Dubois Diner

DuBois Diner on Urbanspoon

Liver and Onions and Screwdrivers.  Huh.  Well, now we have to stop!  When I looked at the menu the first thing I see is this:

Of course, big food doesn't necessarily mean good food.  The place was very nice with a 1950's diner feel.  A lot of red vinyl and old school straw dispensers on the booths.

Stacy ordered the liver and onions.  She liked it. Good for her. That's all that will be said here about that.  I immediately saw a Beef on a Weck.  One of my all time favorite sandwiches and almost impossible to get where we live.  It came on a real kummelweck roll, loaded with salt and caraway seeds.  A good sign.  The beef was tender, the au jus was good, and they served it with a generous portion of fresh horseradish.

The Dubois Diner was a nice find.  I really enjoyed our meal (in spite of what Stacy ordered).  I'm sure I'll visit again when I'm in the area.

The Dubois Diner is located at 150 W DuBois Ave. in DuBois, PA