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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Harry's Pizza-One of the Best!

I've always loved pizza. I get it everywhere I go and always try to sample the local best whenever I'm out of town. Pizza is the kind of thing that is very personal...Ten different people will usually have ten different favorites. You always hear on TV that the two most popular styles of pizza are Chicago deep dish and New York style. In my opinion, those seem to be loved mostly by those that live or grew up in those city's, not so much by all of us in the rest of the country. Fat, chewy and stuffed like a calzone or thin, greasy, and limp just doesn't do it for me. The style that I prefer and I've discovered that many others do too is frequently referred to as Connecticut pizza...Usually referencing New Haven. This is where Harry's comes in.

Harry's is south of the city in a small shopping center near Donaldson's Crossroads in McMurry. The place is bright and clean. As you enter there is a bar to your left with tables and booths lining the wall to the right. While they have a bar, this is not really a drinking establishment. It's a nice bar if you are alone or just prefer to eat at a bar but I've never really seen more than one or two people sitting there.

The menu consists mainly of basic pizza's, speciality pizza's and salads. While the menu is somewhat limited, I like their approach. What they put on the menu they do very well. One of Stacy and my favorite meals there is to order and split a house salad, and a small pizza. The salad is only $5.50, but is plenty big as a side salad, and it is really good, not a bit of iceberg to be found! The pizza is really great. A thin crust, but crispy enough to pick up. While many people love the taste of brick oven pizza, this doesn't have the burnt bottom so common to that type of crust. The sauce and toppings are all very fresh and plentiful, and we have always been happy with the service.

While McMurry is a bit out of the way for most city dwellers, it's really worth an afternoon trip for something that's just not available here in town. Harry's is definitely one of my top three pizzas around Pittsburgh.

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