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Sunday, January 30, 2011

My Favorite Kitchen Tool

I've always thought that the most important tool in the kitchen is a good quality, sharp knife. Many years ago, I acquired a good set of Henkel knives along with a wooden knife block for the counter. The Henkels, which are very similar to Wusthof's, have been a great knife. Very solid, well built and they hold a sharp edge. I've also tried Shun knives and while they have received great reviews, I don't like them nearly as well as the Global's. Then Robin,a friend of mine (she just so happened to manage a Williams Sonoma), turned me on to Global knives. Wow! What a difference!

Despite their rather unconventional look, the knife has an excellent ergonomic design. It is well balanced, easily gripped when wet and scary sharp. You are unlikely ever to meet a sharper knife. When I first picked one up, I immediately noticed how well balanced and comfortable it was, but what really sold me was how well it functioned. These knives will flow through a tough onion or a tender tomato with ease.

Of course, they are pricey, but the price is comparable with the others. If you are on a budget, the 8" Global Chef's knife would be a good start and would most likely take care of about 80% of your needs.


Sharon said...

I agree completely. Global knives are fantastic and my fiancée and I made sure that they were the first thing on the wedding registry!

Steph's Cooking Addiction said...

I have Dexter knives which my culinary school instructors recommended to me. I absolutely love them and how they cut. And they're not really on the expensive side, for good, sharp knives that is.

Dave, The BurghFeeder said...

Steph, thanks for the suggestion. I've seen these at restaurant supply stores but haven't tried one yet, but I will!