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Monday, April 20, 2009

Lidia's Pittsburgh

Following is a post from the food board Chowhound, Pittsburgh. It speaks for itself. I've been to Lidia's a couple of times and was very pleased with the food and service. Any place is entitled to an occasional bad day....I've always felt that the important thing is how a restaurant handles it with their customers. A lot of restaurants could take a lesson from the Chef at Lidia's!!!

Service without being served your food is NO Service. Made reservations for Valentine's Day 2009 at Lidia's Pgh. Was seated promptly and had drinks and salads in short order. But, after waiting over two hours, the dinner never came and no explanation was offered by the wait staff - we left and had to find eating elsewhere. A very memoriable Valentine's Day. But, hey live and let live..move on to today 3/31/2009. Stopped at Lidia's Pgh for a late lunch/early dinner at about 2:05pm. Was turned away and told they are closed between 2pm and 5pm. Now, regular customers might know this - I am not a regular. And, I had checked their web site and it had no mention of this closure. We were very very disappointed. We have had their food only once before at a special event held there - it is good. But they will not let us try it again - at least so far on these two occasions. Their attitude seems to be..tough!!!...No apology! And I have a gift card to use there, but looks like it will never be redeemed. Other ideas of this situation are appreciated. Am I wrong ?
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Shortly after posting about my two experiences, I did receive a call from the Head Chef at Lidia's Pittsburgh. He was very apologetic and sent a letter and flowers. He also offered to come to our home and prepare a meal for my family. We took him up on the offer and a Wonderful meal was prepared and served to my family this date. Congratrualations Lidia's Pittsburgh and their Head Chef Eric for stepping up to the plate and beyond. Most Excellent apology and service beyond. Just want every one to know.
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