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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Review: Green Front Inn

Speaking of the famous Pittsburgh fish sandwich, someone recommended that I try the Green Front Inn, in the South Side. This place was a nice surprise, they have a dining room in the back and a small bar to the right as you walk in. The menu is somewhat limited but provides what you need for good bar food. I of course ordered the fish and my partner (Stacy) went for the Ruben sandwich. Unfortunately, they were out of corned beef so Stacy settled for a cheeseburger. This turned out to be a great choice! The burger was huge, with everything on it and although I did not try a sample, it looked great which she confirmed. The fish was typical Pittsburgh cod (which I love) and was huge...Enough for two buns. While it was very good, I would not rate in my top favorites. The breading was very light which I like, but could have used a little more flavor in my opinion.

The only downside to this place is that it just seems a little dirty. Now I understand that this is not upscale dining, but it is just a little too run down for my tastes. The place could use a lot, but at minimum a coat of paint and some new chairs that are not split open. That being said, I'd still recommend someone go there. Just be aware of what to expect. Very good food in a bit of a run down atmosphere. Overall I'd rate Green Front a 6 out of 10.


Julie said...

I always enjoy finding another burgh blog!

I saw your post on chowhound...I comment via shadysider023

Dave, The BurghFeeder said...

Thank's Julie! I've seen your posts on CH...Too bad there's not very many from the 'Burgh on there.