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Monday, April 6, 2009

Pittsburgh fish sandwich...

I always thought that the people in Pittsburgh are just crazy about fish sandwiches. Now I know that you can get fish on a bun anywhere, but the 'Burgh seems to have it's own unique fish sandwiches. Here, almost all of the fish that you get in local watering holes is cod. I don't think that this is typical in other cities. They are also BIG! I'm talking a foot long! While most places will serve them either fried or baked, I don't think anyone has ever actually ordered one baked.

There's a local tavern that I can walk to on Mount Washington where I was enjoying dinner consisting of a fish sandwich and a malt beverage...The fish was just average (that's why I'm not naming the restaurant) and one of the locals must have overheard me saying that I wasn't really impressed with it. He said I had to go to a place called Bobby's on rt 51. Well, of course I was there in a couple of days. They have a regular and a small. I wasn't really hungry so I got the small...Holy Cow!!! This thing could have fit on three buns. I ask the bartender (I like to sit at the bar) if they had made a mistake and given me the regular and she assured me that I indeed had the small portion. It that's the case, I'll bet you could feed a family of four with the regular size. Anyway, it was good! I'm not prepared to say that it's the best I've had, but it was good enough that I'll go back. I really want to continue my search for great fish sandwiches in the area...Any recommendations would be appreciated!!!


Anonymous said...

an ex-burgher here
rolands imn the strip
great beer too.
sit upstairs and watch life go by
also wholeys in the strip
thers a place in bloomfield ( armands i think) that you should check out

Dave, The BurghFeeder said...

Thanks for the tips! I go to Rolands quite often but always get the lobster roll or bucket of mussels. I'll have to try the fish. Armands sounds familiar...I think Ive seen it in Bloomfield but just forgot about it. I'll be there soon now!

Anonymous said...

Pittsburgh is big into fish sandwiches, possibly due to the strong catholic heriatge. Lots of places claim the best fish sandwich. For me the best is still the Oyster House. Sitting at that stainless steel bar, drinking a beer and eatin g one of their fish sandwiches is an wonerful experience. They hand bread their fish every day, use clean oil and have a wide selection seasonings, my favorite being the pepper vinegar.
All this writing has me thinking that this week require a visit to the Oyster House.